Syllabus, Applied Lesson Grading Policy and Supply List for Music 119-502-Guitar
Michael Chapdelaine, professor
505-453 5455

1. Lesson grade is based on:

After each lesson all students must send me an email of both their assignment for the next week, and any important concepts that were covered in the lesson. Students grade will be lowered for failing to do this.

a) Improvement on skills and ideas covered in previous lesson.
b) Improvement on tone production, technique, musicianship and music reading.
c) Learning and mastering of assigned repertoire and techniques.
d) Application of skills and techniques covered in your lessons.
e) It does not matter if you learned how to play like Paco or Steve Vai during the week.  Although the professor will enjoy and be impressed by your accomplishment, the grade you receive will be based only on the level of improvement of the assignment given the previous week, to you, by the professor.
f) Properly maintained nails on the right hand, or proper synthetic nails, if necessary.
g) Possession of the “Supply list” items (see below).
h) Knowledge of the “Required listening” CDs and videos (see below).
i) Knowledge of all items on the UNM Guitar Student’s Web Page.
J) Knowledge of the Technique Rules for Playing Classical or Acoustic Guitar.
k) Knowledge of the Lesson (Focused)
l) Modes for Guitar


2. All assignments must be completed.  An assignment considered to be too difficult by the student must be brought to the attention of the professor when the assignment is given.  Otherwise it is implied that the student will complete the assignment.
a. Make-up of student’s absence will be at the professor’s discretion.
b. Make-up of professor’s absence will be at the student’s discretion.
c. Unexcused absence = grade of “F”.
d. Excuses are allowed only if advanced notice is given, via e-mail or phone, and if the reason is accepted by the professor.
e. All applied students must perform a jury final.
f. Juries are graded solely on the level of performance of assigned repertoire.
g. Attendance is required of all guitar-related activities by all guitar students, unless excused in advance by the professor.
h. All such activities will be announced via e-mail at least two weeks by the professor.
i. Attendance is required of the Wednesday 1PM Guitar Performance Class. Contact Ben Silva for details or if you have questions

3. Determining lesson grade:      
A= all assignments performed at an exceptional level of improvement.      
B= all assignments performed at a good level of improvement.      
C= all assignments performed at an average level of improvement.      
D= all assignments performed at a poor level of improvement.      
F= no improvement on the assigned material and issues.

4. Juries  (During finals week) You must sign-up for your Jury. There will be a sign-up sheet on the guitar studio door, 2128, the week before.
Juries will include:
1. One prepared piece (memorized).
2. Sight reading.
3. Scales, arpeggios, exercises, studies.

5. Final Grade
All lesson grades are averaged.
If jury grade is lower than lesson average, final grade will be lowered.
If jury grade is higher than lesson average, final grade will be raised.
Missing the jury final = final grade of “F”.

6. Supply list:
It is required that all guitar students come to class possessing the following:
a. Metronome
b. Nail file (diamond Revlon brand, available at your local drug store)
c. 500 dry sandpaper: order from Guitar Solo, or 7 surface nail buffing product
d. 2 "Sticky pads"
e. Ping-pong ball (for emergency repair)
f. Crazy Glue.
g. Spiral notebook designated for only this class. 

h. Most importantly, the printed music for the pieces we are working on. Keep in mind the “free internet version” of an assigned piece, is often of unacceptable quality. Make sure to ask professor what edition you need. It is probably in the UNM Music Library or in the professor’s library. If so, make a copy and return at once. Then you can order your own copy from Guitar Solo.


7. Required listening:

YouTube Videos by Michael Chapdelaine

CDs by Michael Chapdelaine
any recordings by Eliot Fisk, Julian Bream, Andres Segovia, Michael Hedges, etc..

Therir CDs are available in the Fine Arts Library, and at