Auditioning for UNM's Guitar Program

You can play whatever you like as long as it is a solo guitar piece that shows that you can handle polyphony, dynamics, good tone, good left hand form.....etc.
Anything in the standard “classical guitar” repertoire is fine.

What to play in your audition?:
If you have been studying with a serious classical teacher for a while, your teacher will know what you should play.
If not, here are a few standard choices that will be fine for your audition:
Selected pieces from the list below:
Simple Etudes by Leo Brouwer
25 Melodious Studies by Matteo Carcassi.
20 Studies of Fernando Sor (Segovia edition).
24 Preludes, op. 114 by Fernando Carulli.

6 Preludes by Manuel Ponce (Segovia edition)
5 Preludes by Heitor Villa-Lobos

Any pieces by Professor Chapdelaine:

In addition, you should know from memory my Modes for Guitar

You can learn the technical protocals that playing classical or "fingerstyle" guitar requires here: Essesential Guitar Technique
You should know how to pluck the strings with good sound and technique as described in my Lesson 1

Here are some tips on getting up for a good audition:

Don’t be nervous, I was a student once too. We both have the same goal, which is to make you the best musician/guitarist that you can be.

1. Practice slowly with a metronome most of the time.
2. Practice slower without metronome, with your eyes closed, getting to know your rep and instrument at a mental, emotional, physical and aural level only.
You will be amazed at how much you may have missed by looking at your hands all the time.
3. Practice slowly, with a metronome in front of a mirror, staring at your hands only in the mirror, to make sure that your left hand knuckles are absolutely parallel to the strings, that you don’t lift your fingers too high off the fingerboard and that your right hand is tension and extra-motion-free.
4. Read the UNM link on my Teaching page.
5. Learn your music well: Visualize your pieces (while not playing the guitar), as described in the last pages of Aaron Shearer's Volume 2 of Learning the Classic Guitar published by Mel Bay.
This will make you way better if you haven’t worked this way before.

Practice well.
Nos vemos.


Michael Chapdelaine, Professor of Music
UNM Music Department
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