Hosting A Concert

As you can tell from my Gigs page, I do quite a few concerts, with a heavy dose in the western United States, but anywhere else too. These vary widely in size and format, ranging from informal house concerts to large, formal events. If I'm not already scheduled to appear in your area, you can work with me to make it happen.

First, find a pleasant, quiet venue that seats 50+ people comfortably. This could be a living room, church, school, meeting hall, etc. Look for conflicting or nearbyevents on my Gigs page and your local event calendar(s). If a suitable venue is available on some plausible dates, get in touch. Tell me about the venue, some suggested dates and times, etc. Once we agree on these points, we can work out the details.

One possibility is to host a social event, followed by a concert (we call that "House Concert" these days). Make invitations by e-mail and phone to 50-75 friends. It could be a potluck supper, dessert and coffee, or whatever. Inform them that there is a $15 donation at the door, to pay for the concert that will follow the potluck. Make sure that reservations are required, so you know how many friends to expect.

I will show up on the afternoon of the show to set up and hang a bit. If you have a 6:00 pm potluck, the concert should be at 7:00 pm. A 7:00 pm potluck is good for an 8:00 pm show. Don't forget the possibility of a Sunday day-time show.

This is a great way to get your community together, and get to see MC, live in a community that might not have seemed possible. Email me if you want to host the coolest party of the year! By the way, I'm always happy to autograph CDs, whether brought in by fans or purchased at the show.